Esports Integration

Because of esports and its software based playgrounds, we’ve been able to go the extra mile and enable Focus Mentalytics to work with some of the most famous and prominent esports games out there.

Mentalytics Training where users train their focus works in the same way for an esports user as it does for a student in a school. Where the difference lies is within The Platform.

Within The Platform users can add games and then once they’ve connected their bluetooth headband, all they have to do is begin playing. Focus Mentalytics automatically tracks the users focus and connects it to in-game events which will later be relayed once their match has concluded.


“Mentalytics products have the potential to become real game changers for current and future esports athletes. Personally, I wish that I had this type of training available when I was active.”

– Esports legend Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson

A feature that has been requested by the pro’s we’ve worked with is the live-graph, showcasing one’s focus live during the games. Underneath you’ll see it in connection to the three major esports titles we support…

In order to guarantee the best possible results for our users we’ve developed a methodology that users can adhere to, we call it TAcTIc.


Track, Analyze, Train, Improve


Track your focus and establish your starting point.

All you need to do is turn on and connect your Mentalytics Focus Headband and play your esports game of choice. As simple as that.


When you are done playing your game it will be saved automatically. Please make sure to fill out any questions that might pop-up in The Platform. To review your focus and in-game performance, head over to the Analyze tab. Here you can see your sessions from today or the past. View your focus in connection with your in-game stats or various health parameters  (sleep, eat, exercise).

We give you detailed statistics of your focus performance to help you find your weak spots or highlight moments where you shine.


We have read countless of studies over the years, that describes the use of EEG in order to measure and train focus. 
We recommend, in consultation with Neuroscientist & MD Philipp Heiler, the training to be an average of 15 minutes per session, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks in a row. This amounts to a total of 20 sessions in a month’s time. We call it the 30 Day Challenge.
This continuous training is needed similar to that of physical exercise; the brain and focus does not improve instantly after one session. You need to complete repeated sessions over a period of time in order to see results. Upon completion of the initial 30 days training, we recommend continued training at least twice a week; just as any physical training – you need to maintain your new and improved physique.


“Mentalytics is one of the most exciting projects currently in the esports market. I’m glad to be a part of this new holistic way of looking at esports performance. Focus matters and it’s very possible to train”

– Business Advisor Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld


Outside of the 30 Day Challenge we also provide tips under the Improve tab. These tips and tricks are adapted to your performance in combination with your focus. Some examples of tips could be:
(CS:GO) Your focus during pistol rounds is less than during normal gun-rounds.
Make sure to play some Pistol Only Deathmatch ahead of each match you play.
(LoL) Your focus drops significantly when behind @10 mins.
Don’t forget that the first step towards a comeback is a positive mindset.

These tips might also be related to how you’ve slept, eaten, or exercised. If you complete our 30 Day Challenge and combine it with better sleep & eating habits and physical exercise, you should have a higher focus and thus a better performance.