We help workers train focus and thus feel and perform better while providing increased margins for the employer.
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A new software solution that is built around data and analytics. We keep track of the users’ progress and make sure they follow our training program.
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With our easy-to-use headband and our gamified focus training game we offer a brain-computer-interface solution which help users increase productivity and efficiency.
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Our Offer

We offer innovative tech for excelled focus and trackable results

Mentalytics combination of hardware and software expertise makes us the ultimate solution for companies looking to increase productivity with reliable and easy to use products. The gamified racing game and durable EEG headband makes for a fun and interactive experience that adds value to both workers and leadership.

Reduce human


Unfocused operators, due to stress, fatigue and “autopilot-mode” are well known problems increasing human errors within manufacturing.


Mentalytics’ train workers to obtain, retain, and if dropped, regain focus — deliberately, in any situation.

Identify bottlenecks in production


Inefficiency due to bottlenecks commonly create delays which results in higher production costs.


In the platform you can compare operators focus-results to track patterns in production and prevent bottlenecks.

Improve operators welfare


Unmotivated employees underperform and may even quit their jobs. Employing new staff and training them is costly.


An improved focus is a way to manage stress; to be present in the current situation and exclude irrelevant thoughts.

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Of errors made in production are caused by people on the factory floor
85% of errors made in production, recalls, and machine downtime are caused by human error on the factory floor.
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These human errors can cost up to 10% of a company’s yearly revenues
Resulting waste, rework, and misbuilds can cost a company up to 10% of their annual revenue.
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Error reduction by Mentalytics
After only one months training during a pilot at Kia Motors, they saw 35% reduced errors made by workers on the factory floor.

Case Studies

Industry leading commercial EEG headband

Mentalytics and Kia performed a pilot study at their high-tech modern factory in Žilina, Slovakia. [The on-site training centre allows employees to consistently meet the high standards of workmanship specified by Kia.] Kias KPIs measured before and after the Mentalytics training program showed a 35% drop in errors made by the participating operators. Kia also managed to identify bottlenecks looking at the data analysis from Mentalytics.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)
Industry leading commercial EEG headband

Mentalytics and JLR performed a similar pilot study at JLR’s new factory in Nitra, Slovakia. While larger in volume compared to Kia, the results were still significant. After only one month’s training, in a very difficult time for Europe as a whole, results showed over 15% better performance for participants when compared to non-participants.

Our Products

Analytics platform
View and analyze data per user or the entire team at once.

The Platform is the place where everything comes together. Here you will find your focus data for detailed analysis. We present your average focus over time. Your capacity to keep up your focus without interruption.

Built-in training game
Gamified real time neurofeedback

Mentalytics Training is designed to help you become aware of your focus. Eventually you will be able to obtain, maintain (and if lost) quickly regain your focus – deliberately and in the very moment that you need it, because focus matters!

Available on Android and Windows. iOS and MacOS to come.

EEG Headband
Industry leading commercial EEG headband

Over the years we’ve seen the do’s and don’ts when it comes to EEG headbands. Finally, we got fed up with all the don’ts and the high price for the do’s. So, we decided to develop our own EEG headband. Our goal is to make a headband with stable Bluetooth connection, reasonable battery time, manageable software, compatible with headsets, comfortable to wear and on top of all that at an affordable price. Yes, it’s possible. We’re doing it.

Our 30 Day Training Program

We’ve developed our training program together with neuroscientists and taken into account the stressful environment of a factory worker where time is of the essence.

Our Background

Mentalytics focus training is made with 20 years of knowledge in biofeedback gamification

A company which has innovated from the start

Mentalytics flagship product Mindball Game was the first commercial EEG game in the world when it launched in 2003. Since then, we have sold Mindball to customers all over the world. A few of them are: US Military Academy, Atlas Copco, Coca Cola, London Science Museum, BP, Nike, and Castrol.

There are more than +200 Mindball tables across the globe and the game has been played by +10 million people. 

Find out more about Mindball Game here.

Inquiries or partnership

For general inquiries or if you’re interested in partnering with us we are always open and interested in collaborations.

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