The Headband

Over the years we’ve seen the do’s and don’ts when it comes to EEG headbands. Finally, we got fed up with all the don’ts and the high price for the do’s. So, we decided to develop our own EEG headband. Our goal is to make a headband with stable Bluetooth connection, reasonable battery time, manageable software, compatible with headsets, comfortable to wear and on top of all that at an affordable price. Yes, it’s possible. We’re doing it.  

Focus Mentalytics Headband is proudly crafted in Sweden. It’ll be the smoothest, no fuzz, EEG headband in the world. Bringing focus training to each and every one of you!

This page will be updated with the technical specs. as soon as it’s set. We will be able to deliver some prototypes at the end of 2021 and full production in April 2022.