The Platform

The Platform is the place where everything comes together. Here you will find your focus data for detailed analysis.

We present your average focus over time. Your capacity to keep up your focus without interruption.

If you are training your focus according to our examination program, the 30DaysChallenge, you will find your data about that too.

Here you will find a link to Mentalytics Training where you do all the focus training.

If you play an esport and have used the headband while playing your esports game, you can also see in-game data combined with your focus data in the Track functionality in the Platform.


The software platform Mentalytics has developed over the last year works seamlessly. The availability of functions like recording while performing tasks outside of actual focus training is very useful.”

– Neuroscientist Philipp Heiler


Once you purchase and sign up for Mentalytics via the webshop you’ll recieve a log-in combined with the installer for The Platform. You will be asked to create a password  upon first log-in. Upon initial log-in you’ll be met with an in-depth tutorial that goes through the features of The Platform and helps you navigate through the app.


The home page is not only a landing page but a preview for many of the functions you’ll find inside The Platform.

Headband connectivity, a focus development graph to show recent progression, any social media updates we feel are of importance, and lastly a recent activity widget that showcases your most recent recorded sessions.


Track is designed for esports. In this section you can see the exact data points we are gathering from you game; Dota2, League of Legends or CS:GO.

The statistics will update live while you’re in an active session and once finished you’ll recieve a pop-up asking you a few questions to help us in analyzing your performance.


Under Analyze you can see how your focus performance develops in relation to time, to health parameters etc. If you play an esport this is the place where you analyze your in-game performance.

The session list on the left keeps growing the more you play. If you play more than one game you can simply switch between them to see the sessions from your other games.

In round based games like CS:GO you’ll be able to “zoom” into specific rounds and analyze your focus in comparison with in-game events. For MOBA’s the “zoom” function is divided into 5-minute segements to help the user navigate themselves through a full game.


The train section is very straightforward in its name. This is where you can either launch Mentalytics Training and train your focus, or warmup in our simpler built-in focus tracking module.

The WarmUp module is where you can choose to spend a moment or two before moving on to more serious matters.  Focus data from WarmUp is not saved.