The Platform

The Platform is our software where everything comes together. It is where your data both from The Training Module and your third-party esports game of choice is stored.

The Platform is designed to help you set everything up in order to both train and track your focus.  It is the place where you can do proper anlysis of your focus and in-game performance. It comes with a 30 day training program which is designed to help you, the user, in improving your focus and thus also improve your performance.


Once you purchase and sign up for Mentalytics via the webshop you’ll recieve a log-in combined with the installer for The Platform. You will be asked to create a password  upon first log-in. Upon initial log-in you’ll be met with an in-depth tutorial that goes through the features of The Platform and helps you navigate through the app.


The home page is not only a landing page but a preview for many of the functions you’ll find inside The Platform.

Headband connectivity, a focus development graph to show recent progression, any social media updates we feel are of importance, and lastly a recent activity widget that showcases your most recent recorded sessions.


The tracking section is there to show the user whether or not everything is set up and working properly.

From here you can open bluetooth devices and connect your headband. Get an indication of whether or not the headband is receiving data from your focus.  In this section you can also see the exact datapoints we’re gathering from your third-party game(Dota2, League of Legends, or CS:GO).

The statistics will update live while you’re in an active session and once finished you’ll recieve a pop-up asking you a few questions to help us in analyzing your performance.


The next section is where you can look back at previously recorded sessions and analyze how they went. Both in terms of in-game performance but also your focus score in connection to events in your third-party game.

The session list on the left keeps growing the more you play. If you play more than one game you can simply switch between them to see the sessions from your other games.

In round based games like CS:GO you’ll be able to “zoom” into specific rounds and analyze your focus in comparison with in-game events. For MOBA’s the “zoom” function is divided into 5-minute segements to help the user navigate themselves through a full game.

If no session is selcted you’ll be able to view your focus and performance progression from the time your first session was recorded up until present time.


The train section is very straightforward in its name. This is where you can either launch The Training Module and train your focus, or warmup in our simpler built-in focus tracking widget.

The warmup widget is as named, mostly meant for warming up. It can help to “awake” your mind before you begin playing your third-party game of choice, similiarly to as you’d warm up before doing any physical excercise.