Mentalytics Training

This is the place to TRAIN your focus.

Mentalytics Training is designed to help you become aware of your focus. Eventually you will be able to obtain, maintain (and if lost anyhow) quickly regain your focus – deliberately and in the very moment that you need it, because focus matters.

The ball in Mentalytics Training is your avatar. You will take it from start to goal on your choice of track; there are eleven to choose from. The better you focus, the smarter and faster the ball will move on the tracks. It will take the turns smarter, the jump in the exact right moment, it will manage the bumpy grounds and the wiggly boards perfectly – if you focus well.

The ball’s movement will help you understand how you perform. Additionally, we have designed two curved bars on each side of the ball. The more they are filled the better focus you have at the current difficulty level.

Auto Adjusting Difficulty

Some days your focus is not the best. We have designed Mentalytics Training to lift you up, help you to find your focus and enjoy playing the game. Some days your focus is crispy sharp. We have designed Mentalytics Training to give you a challenge on those days too.

You will never find the game frustrating or boring; we will adapt the smartness and the speed of the ball to your state of mind of the day or even of the moment. The feature of this adaption to your current state of mind is called auto-difficulty-levelling (of the ball).

Now – will I get a lower focus recorded when the ball moves slowly? No. Your focus is what it is at the time. We record it, and your data will show your actual state of mind. The adapted speed and smartness of the ball is just to make the game enjoyable at all times.

Challenging Gameplay

Enjoy Mentalytics Training on an abundance of different tracks. Find your favourite track. Where do you perform the best? Which track is the most challenging?
Invite one or two – or a ton of AI balls to join your game when you’re in a more competitive spirit. Adjust their skill level to meet your capacity.

Have fun!

Post Game Stats

When you have finished a track, you will see some statistics directly in Mentalytics Training: your focus score figure and your focus level during the track, presented graphically. If you click on “Show Development” you will see how you have developed your focus over time. You will find more detailed statistics in The Platform for further analysis.

We claim that focus matters in almost any situation in life. Use your new ability to obtain a focused state of mind when you are about to play a competitive or ranked match in gaming,  before you lace up to play soccer or american football, when you need to present something in front of a large audience, when you’re about to take a test in school, or when you’re restless at night and really need to sleep.
Whenever, wherever – a well-trained focus gives you a big advantage if you strive for greatness.

Follow our 30 day training program to get the proper training to enhance your focus capacity.